Dave Brady


Dave is committed to providing the local community with the best remodeling experience and services. Because it's vital to every project accessibility and communication are always a priority with Dave, and thus the company.

His years of working in vintage homes married with his love of learning new techniques enables him to find solutions where others can't.

Dave appreciates the lasting relationship he forms with clients.

Tom Walls

Remodeling Consultant

Tom enjoys being the first person you'll meet with, hearing what you want and going through the process with you till completion.  He will build the best team for your project.

Tom takes pride in delivering to you acompletely unique space.


Rachel Hudson

Marketing Director

Finding and partnering with us is easier because of Rachel. She connects us through community involvement.

Once the finishing touches on your newly remodeled space are complete, you'll want to display the images Rachel captures using her camera.

Jr Ortega


Jr will ensure that your home remains clean and orderly during construction.  Along with his fine carpentry skills, Jr is also adept at drywall and painting.

When you look up the definition of team player, it's Jr.

stanley Sarna

Lead Carpenter

Stanley will bring genuine European craftsmanship to your doorstep. His no nonsense approach keeps projects moving.

Jim Jacobs

Office Manager

When you call OAK's office the voice that greets you will most likely be Jim's.
He is the office manager, bookkeeping and clerical guy. 
If it's in our file system, Jim can find it for you!

Jim is a great resource, especially in that year or more after your project is done and you can't remember what model your faucet is or who installed your HVAC system.

Bogdan Glowik

Millwork & Production Manager

If you need a friendly face, Bogdan is your man.  He has encountered nothing wooden he cannot tame; cabinets, trimwork even furniture.

Bogdan has a great eye for design.  He organizes behind the scenes for the carpenters and other tradespeople to keep your project progressing well.


Robert Zagorski


You’re in good hands with Robert. He is skilled at carpentry, plumbing and electric.